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Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport

Airport: Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport
City: Astana
Country: Kazakhstan Flag of Kazakhstan
Coordinates: Latitude: 51°1′19″N, Longitude: 71°28′0″E
Runways: Direction: 04/22, Length: 11484 x 147 ft, Elevation: 1165 ft
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Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport is located approximately 11,0 miles (17,6 km) south of Astana and about 93,6 miles (150,6 km) south of Stepnogorsk.


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Flight routes from Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport
Astana to Abu Dhabi distance (TSE to AUH)
Astana to Aktau distance (TSE to SCO)
Astana to Aktobe distance (TSE to AKX)
Astana to Almaty distance (TSE to ALA)
Astana to Atyrau distance (TSE to GUW)
Astana to Baku distance (TSE to GYD)
Astana to Beijing distance (TSE to PEK)
Astana to Bishkek distance (TSE to FRU)
Astana to Frankfurt distance (TSE to FRA)
Astana to Istanbul distance (TSE to IST)
Astana to Kiev distance (TSE to KBP)
Astana to Kostanay distance (TSE to KSN)
Astana to Kzyl-Orda distance (TSE to KZO)
Astana to London distance (TSE to LHR)
Astana to Minsk distance (TSE to MSQ)
Astana to Moscow distance (TSE to SVO)
Astana to Novosibirsk distance (TSE to OVB)
Astana to Omsk distance (TSE to OMS)
Astana to Pavlodar distance (TSE to PWQ)
Astana to Saint Petersburg distance (TSE to LED)
Astana to Sharjah distance (TSE to SHJ)
Astana to Shymkent distance (TSE to CIT)
Astana to Tashkent distance (TSE to TAS)
Astana to Ürümqi distance (TSE to URC)
Astana to Ust-Kamenogorsk distance (TSE to UKK)
Astana to Vienna distance (TSE to VIE)
Astana to Yekaterinburg distance (TSE to SVX)
Astana to Zhezkazgan distance (TSE to DZN)
Distances in Kazakhstan
Astana to Aktau distance (TSE–SCO)
Astana to Aktobe distance (TSE–AKX)
Astana to Almaty distance (TSE–ALA)
Astana to Atyrau distance (TSE–GUW)
Astana to Karaganda distance (TSE–KGF)
Astana to Kokshetau distance (TSE–KOV)
Astana to Kostanay distance (TSE–KSN)
Astana to Kzyl-Orda distance (TSE–KZO)
Astana to Pavlodar distance (TSE–PWQ)
Astana to Petropavlosk distance (TSE–PPK)
Astana to Semey distance (TSE–PLX)
Astana to Shymkent distance (TSE–CIT)
Astana to Taraz distance (TSE–DMB)
Astana to Uralsk distance (TSE–URA)
Astana to Urzhar distance (TSE–UZR)
Astana to Ust-Kamenogorsk distance (TSE–UKK)
Astana to Zaysan distance (TSE–SZI)
Astana to Zhezkazgan distance (TSE–DZN)