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Iran Air


Airline Iran Air
Callsign: IRANAIR
Country: Iran
Founded: 1946
Frequent-flyer program: SkyGift
Website:Iran Air
Wikipedia link:Wikipedia - Iran Air

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Flight Routes

Abadan to Mashhad distance (ABD–MHD)
Abadan to Tehran distance (ABD–THR)
Ardabil to Mashhad distance (ADU–MHD)
Ardabil to Tehran distance (ADU–THR)
Amsterdam to Tehran distance (AMS–IKA)
Stockholm to Tehran distance (ARN–IKA)
Ahwaz to Bandar Abbas distance (AWZ–BND)
Ahwaz to Dubai distance (AWZ–DXB)
Ahwaz to Isfahan distance (AWZ–IFN)
Ahwaz to Kish Island distance (AWZ–KIH)
Ahwaz to Kuwait City distance (AWZ–KWI)
Ahwaz to Mashhad distance (AWZ–MHD)
Ahwaz to Rasht distance (AWZ–RAS)
Ahwaz to Sari distance (AWZ–SRY)
Ahwaz to Shiraz distance (AWZ–SYZ)
Ahwaz to Tabriz distance (AWZ–TBZ)
Ahwaz to Tehran distance (AWZ–THR)
Yazd to Mashhad distance (AZD–MHD)
Yazd to Tehran distance (AZD–THR)
Manama to Mashhad distance (BAH–MHD)
Bandar Lengeh to Shiraz distance (BDH–SYZ)
Beirut to Tehran distance (BEY–IKA)
Beirut to Mashhad distance (BEY–MHD)
Bandar Abbas to Ahwaz distance (BND–AWZ)
Bandar Abbas to Dubai distance (BND–DXB)
Bandar Abbas to Isfahan distance (BND–IFN)
Bandar Abbas to Mashhad distance (BND–MHD)
Bandar Abbas to Sari distance (BND–SRY)
Bandar Abbas to Shiraz distance (BND–SYZ)
Bandar Abbas to Tabriz distance (BND–TBZ)
Bandar Abbas to Tehran distance (BND–THR)
Bandar Abbas to Chabahar distance (BND–ZBR)
Mumbai to Tehran distance (BOM–IKA)
Bushehr to Shiraz distance (BUZ–SYZ)
Bushehr to Tehran distance (BUZ–THR)
Cologne to Tehran distance (CGN–IKA)
Dammam to Mashhad distance (DMM–MHD)
Doha to Lar distance (DOH–LRR)
Doha to Shiraz distance (DOH–SYZ)
Dubai to Ahwaz distance (DXB–AWZ)
Dubai to Bandar Abbas distance (DXB–BND)
Dubai to Isfahan distance (DXB–IFN)
Dubai to Tehran distance (DXB–IKA)
Ankara to Tehran distance (ESB–IKA)
Rome to Tehran distance (FCO–IKA)
Frankfurt to Tehran distance (FRA–IKA)
Gothenburg to Tehran distance (GOT–IKA)
Baku to Tehran distance (GYD–IKA)
Hamburg to Tehran distance (HAM–IKA)
Isfahan to Ahwaz distance (IFN–AWZ)
Isfahan to Bandar Abbas distance (IFN–BND)
Isfahan to Dubai distance (IFN–DXB)
Isfahan to Kerman distance (IFN–KER)
Isfahan to Kish Island distance (IFN–KIH)
Isfahan to Kuwait City distance (IFN–KWI)
Isfahan to Mashhad distance (IFN–MHD)
Isfahan to Shiraz distance (IFN–SYZ)
Isfahan to Tabriz distance (IFN–TBZ)
Isfahan to Tehran distance (IFN–THR)
Tehran to Amsterdam distance (IKA–AMS)
Tehran to Stockholm distance (IKA–ARN)
Tehran to Beirut distance (IKA–BEY)
Tehran to Mumbai distance (IKA–BOM)
Tehran to Cologne distance (IKA–CGN)
Tehran to Dubai distance (IKA–DXB)
Tehran to Ankara distance (IKA–ESB)
Tehran to Rome distance (IKA–FCO)
Tehran to Frankfurt distance (IKA–FRA)
Tehran to Gothenburg distance (IKA–GOT)
Tehran to Baku distance (IKA–GYD)
Tehran to Hamburg distance (IKA–HAM)
Tehran to Istanbul distance (IKA–IST)
Tehran to Karachi distance (IKA–KHI)
Tehran to Kuala Lumpur distance (IKA–KUL)
Tehran to London distance (IKA–LHR)
Tehran to Milan distance (IKA–MXP)
Tehran to Najaf distance (IKA–NJF)
Tehran to Paris distance (IKA–ORY)
Tehran to Beijing distance (IKA–PEK)
Tehran to Tashkent distance (IKA–TAS)
Tehran to Vienna distance (IKA–VIE)
Istanbul to Tehran distance (IST–IKA)
Kerman to Isfahan distance (KER–IFN)
Kerman to Tehran distance (KER–THR)
Kerman to Zahedan distance (KER–ZAH)
Khorramabad to Tehran distance (KHD–THR)
Karachi to Tehran distance (KHI–IKA)
Kish Island to Ahwaz distance (KIH–AWZ)
Kish Island to Isfahan distance (KIH–IFN)
Kish Island to Shiraz distance (KIH–SYZ)
Kish Island to Tehran distance (KIH–THR)
Kermanshah to Mashhad distance (KSH–MHD)
Kermanshah to Tehran distance (KSH–THR)
Kuala Lumpur to Tehran distance (KUL–IKA)
Kuwait City to Ahwaz distance (KWI–AWZ)
Kuwait City to Isfahan distance (KWI–IFN)
Kuwait City to Lar distance (KWI–LRR)
Kuwait City to Mashhad distance (KWI–MHD)
Kuwait City to Shiraz distance (KWI–SYZ)
London to Tehran distance (LHR–IKA)
Lar to Doha distance (LRR–DOH)
Lar to Kuwait City distance (LRR–KWI)
Lar to Tehran distance (LRR–THR)
Mashhad to Abadan distance (MHD–ABD)
Mashhad to Ardabil distance (MHD–ADU)
Mashhad to Ahwaz distance (MHD–AWZ)
Mashhad to Yazd distance (MHD–AZD)
Mashhad to Manama distance (MHD–BAH)
Mashhad to Beirut distance (MHD–BEY)
Mashhad to Bandar Abbas distance (MHD–BND)
Mashhad to Dammam distance (MHD–DMM)
Mashhad to Isfahan distance (MHD–IFN)
Mashhad to Kermanshah distance (MHD–KSH)
Mashhad to Kuwait City distance (MHD–KWI)
Mashhad to Rasht distance (MHD–RAS)
Mashhad to Sari distance (MHD–SRY)
Mashhad to Shiraz distance (MHD–SYZ)
Mashhad to Tabriz distance (MHD–TBZ)
Mashhad to Tehran distance (MHD–THR)
Mashhad to Birjand distance (MHD–XBJ)
Mashhad to Zahedan distance (MHD–ZAH)
Milan to Tehran distance (MXP–IKA)
Najaf to Tehran distance (NJF–IKA)
Urmia to Tehran distance (OMH–THR)
Paris to Tehran distance (ORY–IKA)
Beijing to Tehran distance (PEK–IKA)
Rasht to Ahwaz distance (RAS–AWZ)
Rasht to Mashhad distance (RAS–MHD)
Rasht to Tehran distance (RAS–THR)
Sari to Ahwaz distance (SRY–AWZ)
Sari to Bandar Abbas distance (SRY–BND)
Sari to Mashhad distance (SRY–MHD)
Moscow to Tehran distance (SVO–IKA)
Shiraz to Ahwaz distance (SYZ–AWZ)
Shiraz to Bandar Lengeh distance (SYZ–BDH)
Shiraz to Bandar Abbas distance (SYZ–BND)
Shiraz to Bushehr distance (SYZ–BUZ)
Shiraz to Doha distance (SYZ–DOH)
Shiraz to Isfahan distance (SYZ–IFN)
Shiraz to Kish Island distance (SYZ–KIH)
Shiraz to Kuwait City distance (SYZ–KWI)
Shiraz to Mashhad distance (SYZ–MHD)
Shiraz to Tehran distance (SYZ–THR)
Tashkent to Tehran distance (TAS–IKA)
Tabriz to Ahwaz distance (TBZ–AWZ)
Tabriz to Bandar Abbas distance (TBZ–BND)
Tabriz to Isfahan distance (TBZ–IFN)
Tabriz to Mashhad distance (TBZ–MHD)
Tabriz to Tehran distance (TBZ–THR)
Tehran to Abadan distance (THR–ABD)
Tehran to Ardabil distance (THR–ADU)
Tehran to Ahwaz distance (THR–AWZ)
Tehran to Yazd distance (THR–AZD)
Tehran to Bandar Abbas distance (THR–BND)
Tehran to Bushehr distance (THR–BUZ)
Tehran to Isfahan distance (THR–IFN)
Tehran to Kerman distance (THR–KER)
Tehran to Khorramabad distance (THR–KHD)
Tehran to Kish Island distance (THR–KIH)
Tehran to Kermanshah distance (THR–KSH)
Tehran to Lar distance (THR–LRR)
Tehran to Mashhad distance (THR–MHD)
Tehran to Urmia distance (THR–OMH)
Tehran to Rasht distance (THR–RAS)
Tehran to Shiraz distance (THR–SYZ)
Tehran to Tabriz distance (THR–TBZ)
Tehran to Birjand distance (THR–XBJ)
Tehran to Zahedan distance (THR–ZAH)
Vienna to Tehran distance (VIE–IKA)
Birjand to Mashhad distance (XBJ–MHD)
Birjand to Tehran distance (XBJ–THR)
Zahedan to Kerman distance (ZAH–KER)
Zahedan to Mashhad distance (ZAH–MHD)
Zahedan to Tehran distance (ZAH–THR)
Zahedan to Chabahar distance (ZAH–ZBR)
Chabahar to Bandar Abbas distance (ZBR–BND)
Chabahar to Tehran distance (ZBR–THR)
Chabahar to Zahedan distance (ZBR–ZAH)