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Air Astana


Airline Air Astana
Country: Kazakhstan
Founded: 2001
Frequent-flyer program: Nomad Club
Website:Air Astana
Wikipedia link:Wikipedia - Air Astana

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Flight Routes

Aktobe to Almaty distance (AKX–ALA)
Aktobe to Astana distance (AKX–TSE)
Almaty to Aktobe distance (ALA–AKX)
Almaty to Abu Dhabi distance (ALA–AUH)
Almaty to Bangkok distance (ALA–BKK)
Almaty to Shymkent distance (ALA–CIT)
Almaty to New Delhi distance (ALA–DEL)
Almaty to Dushanbe distance (ALA–DYU)
Almaty to Bishkek distance (ALA–FRU)
Almaty to Atyrau distance (ALA–GUW)
Almaty to Baku distance (ALA–GYD)
Almaty to Hong Kong distance (ALA–HKG)
Almaty to Seoul distance (ALA–ICN)
Almaty to Istanbul distance (ALA–IST)
Almaty to Kiev distance (ALA–KBP)
Almaty to Karaganda distance (ALA–KGF)
Almaty to Samara distance (ALA–KUF)
Almaty to Kuala Lumpur distance (ALA–KUL)
Almaty to Kazan distance (ALA–KZN)
Almaty to Kzyl-Orda distance (ALA–KZO)
Almaty to St. Petersburg distance (ALA–LED)
Almaty to London distance (ALA–LHR)
Almaty to Beijing distance (ALA–PEK)
Almaty to Pavlodar distance (ALA–PWQ)
Almaty to Aktau distance (ALA–SCO)
Almaty to Ho Chi Minh City distance (ALA–SGN)
Almaty to Moscow distance (ALA–SVO)
Almaty to Tashkent distance (ALA–TAS)
Almaty to Tbilisi distance (ALA–TBS)
Almaty to Astana distance (ALA–TSE)
Almaty to Ust-Kamenogorsk distance (ALA–UKK)
Almaty to Ürümqi distance (ALA–URC)
Amsterdam to Atyrau distance (AMS–GUW)
Abu Dhabi to Almaty distance (AUH–ALA)
Abu Dhabi to Astana distance (AUH–TSE)
Bangkok to Almaty distance (BKK–ALA)
Shymkent to Almaty distance (CIT–ALA)
Shymkent to Astana distance (CIT–TSE)
New Delhi to Almaty distance (DEL–ALA)
Dushanbe to Almaty distance (DYU–ALA)
Zhezkazgan to Astana distance (DZN–TSE)
Frankfurt to Astana distance (FRA–TSE)
Bishkek to Almaty distance (FRU–ALA)
Bishkek to Astana distance (FRU–TSE)
Atyrau to Almaty distance (GUW–ALA)
Atyrau to Amsterdam distance (GUW–AMS)
Atyrau to Istanbul distance (GUW–IST)
Atyrau to Aktau distance (GUW–SCO)
Atyrau to Astana distance (GUW–TSE)
Baku to Almaty distance (GYD–ALA)
Baku to Astana distance (GYD–TSE)
Hong Kong to Almaty distance (HKG–ALA)
Seoul to Almaty distance (ICN–ALA)
Istanbul to Almaty distance (IST–ALA)
Istanbul to Atyrau distance (IST–GUW)
Istanbul to Aktau distance (IST–SCO)
Istanbul to Astana distance (IST–TSE)
Kiev to Almaty distance (KBP–ALA)
Kiev to Astana distance (KBP–TSE)
Karaganda to Almaty distance (KGF–ALA)
Kostanay to Astana distance (KSN–TSE)
Samara to Almaty distance (KUF–ALA)
Kuala Lumpur to Almaty distance (KUL–ALA)
Kazan to Almaty distance (KZN–ALA)
Kzyl-Orda to Almaty distance (KZO–ALA)
Kzyl-Orda to Astana distance (KZO–TSE)
St. Petersburg to Almaty distance (LED–ALA)
St. Petersburg to Astana distance (LED–TSE)
London to Almaty distance (LHR–ALA)
London to Astana distance (LHR–TSE)
Omsk to Astana distance (OMS–TSE)
Novosibirsk to Astana distance (OVB–TSE)
Beijing to Almaty distance (PEK–ALA)
Beijing to Astana distance (PEK–TSE)
Pavlodar to Almaty distance (PWQ–ALA)
Pavlodar to Astana distance (PWQ–TSE)
Aktau to Almaty distance (SCO–ALA)
Aktau to Atyrau distance (SCO–GUW)
Aktau to Istanbul distance (SCO–IST)
Aktau to Astana distance (SCO–TSE)
Ho Chi Minh City to Almaty distance (SGN–ALA)
Moscow to Almaty distance (SVO–ALA)
Moscow to Astana distance (SVO–TSE)
Yekaterinburg to Astana distance (SVX–TSE)
Tashkent to Almaty distance (TAS–ALA)
Tashkent to Astana distance (TAS–TSE)
Tbilisi to Almaty distance (TBS–ALA)
Astana to Aktobe distance (TSE–AKX)
Astana to Almaty distance (TSE–ALA)
Astana to Abu Dhabi distance (TSE–AUH)
Astana to Shymkent distance (TSE–CIT)
Astana to Zhezkazgan distance (TSE–DZN)
Astana to Frankfurt distance (TSE–FRA)
Astana to Bishkek distance (TSE–FRU)
Astana to Atyrau distance (TSE–GUW)
Astana to Baku distance (TSE–GYD)
Astana to Istanbul distance (TSE–IST)
Astana to Kiev distance (TSE–KBP)
Astana to Kostanay distance (TSE–KSN)
Astana to Kzyl-Orda distance (TSE–KZO)
Astana to St. Petersburg distance (TSE–LED)
Astana to London distance (TSE–LHR)
Astana to Omsk distance (TSE–OMS)
Astana to Novosibirsk distance (TSE–OVB)
Astana to Beijing distance (TSE–PEK)
Astana to Pavlodar distance (TSE–PWQ)
Astana to Aktau distance (TSE–SCO)
Astana to Moscow distance (TSE–SVO)
Astana to Yekaterinburg distance (TSE–SVX)
Astana to Tashkent distance (TSE–TAS)
Astana to Ust-Kamenogorsk distance (TSE–UKK)
Astana to Ürümqi distance (TSE–URC)
Astana to Vienna distance (TSE–VIE)
Ust-Kamenogorsk to Almaty distance (UKK–ALA)
Ust-Kamenogorsk to Astana distance (UKK–TSE)
Ürümqi to Almaty distance (URC–ALA)
Ürümqi to Astana distance (URC–TSE)
Vienna to Astana distance (VIE–TSE)