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Croatia Airlines


Airline Croatia Airlines
Callsign: CROATIA
Country: Croatia
Founded: 1989
Alliance: Star Alliance
Frequent-flyer program: Miles & More
Website:Croatia Airlines
Wikipedia link:Wikipedia - Croatia Airlines

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Flight Routes

Amsterdam to Dubrovnik distance (AMS–DBV)
Amsterdam to Zagreb distance (AMS–ZAG)
Athens to Dubrovnik distance (ATH–DBV)
Athens to Split distance (ATH–SPU)
Barcelona to Zagreb distance (BCN–ZAG)
Belgrad to Split distance (BEG–SPU)
Bologna to Lisbon distance (BLQ–LIS)
Bologna to Zagreb distance (BLQ–ZAG)
Brussels to Zagreb distance (BRU–ZAG)
Bol to Zagreb distance (BWK–ZAG)
Paris to Dubrovnik distance (CDG–DBV)
Paris to Split distance (CDG–SPU)
Paris to Zagreb distance (CDG–ZAG)
Copenhagen to Zagreb distance (CPH–ZAG)
Dubrovnik to Amsterdam distance (DBV–AMS)
Dubrovnik to Athens distance (DBV–ATH)
Dubrovnik to Paris distance (DBV–CDG)
Dubrovnik to Düsseldorf distance (DBV–DUS)
Dubrovnik to Rome distance (DBV–FCO)
Dubrovnik to Frankfurt distance (DBV–FRA)
Dubrovnik to Munich distance (DBV–MUC)
Dubrovnik to Rijeka distance (DBV–RJK)
Dubrovnik to Berlin distance (DBV–TXL)
Dubrovnik to Venice distance (DBV–VCE)
Dubrovnik to Vienna distance (DBV–VIE)
Dubrovnik to Zagreb distance (DBV–ZAG)
Dubrovnik to Zurich distance (DBV–ZRH)
Düsseldorf to Dubrovnik distance (DUS–DBV)
Düsseldorf to Split distance (DUS–SPU)
Rome to Dubrovnik distance (FCO–DBV)
Rome to Split distance (FCO–SPU)
Frankfurt to Dubrovnik distance (FRA–DBV)
Frankfurt to Pula distance (FRA–PUY)
Frankfurt to Split distance (FRA–SPU)
Frankfurt to Zadar distance (FRA–ZAD)
Frankfurt to Zagreb distance (FRA–ZAG)
Istanbul to Zagreb distance (IST–ZAG)
London to Split distance (LGW–SPU)
London to Rijeka distance (LHR–RJK)
London to Split distance (LHR–SPU)
London to Zagreb distance (LHR–ZAG)
Lisbon to Bologna distance (LIS–BLQ)
Lyon to Split distance (LYS–SPU)
Munich to Dubrovnik distance (MUC–DBV)
Munich to Split distance (MUC–SPU)
Munich to Zadar distance (MUC–ZAD)
Munich to Zagreb distance (MUC–ZAG)
Prishtina to Zagreb distance (PRN–ZAG)
Pula to Frankfurt distance (PUY–FRA)
Pula to Zadar distance (PUY–ZAD)
Pula to Zagreb distance (PUY–ZAG)
Rijeka to London distance (RJK–LHR)
Rijeka to Split distance (RJK–SPU)
Rijeka to Zagreb distance (RJK–ZAG)
Sarajevo to Zagreb distance (SJJ–ZAG)
Skopje to Zagreb distance (SKP–ZAG)
Split to Athens distance (SPU–ATH)
Split to Belgrad distance (SPU–BEG)
Split to Paris distance (SPU–CDG)
Split to Dubrovnik distance (SPU–DBV)
Split to Düsseldorf distance (SPU–DUS)
Split to Rome distance (SPU–FCO)
Split to Frankfurt distance (SPU–FRA)
Split to London distance (SPU–LGW)
Split to London distance (SPU–LHR)
Split to Lyon distance (SPU–LYS)
Split to Munich distance (SPU–MUC)
Split to Berlin distance (SPU–TXL)
Split to Vienna distance (SPU–VIE)
Split to Zagreb distance (SPU–ZAG)
Split to Zurich distance (SPU–ZRH)
Berlin to Dubrovnik distance (TXL–DBV)
Berlin to Split distance (TXL–SPU)
Berlin to Zagreb distance (TXL–ZAG)
Venice to Dubrovnik distance (VCE–DBV)
Vienna to Dubrovnik distance (VIE–DBV)
Vienna to Split distance (VIE–SPU)
Vienna to Zagreb distance (VIE–ZAG)
Zadar to Frankfurt distance (ZAD–FRA)
Zadar to Munich distance (ZAD–MUC)
Zadar to Pula distance (ZAD–PUY)
Zadar to Zagreb distance (ZAD–ZAG)
Zagreb to Amsterdam distance (ZAG–AMS)
Zagreb to Barcelona distance (ZAG–BCN)
Zagreb to Bologna distance (ZAG–BLQ)
Zagreb to Brussels distance (ZAG–BRU)
Zagreb to Bol distance (ZAG–BWK)
Zagreb to Paris distance (ZAG–CDG)
Zagreb to Copenhagen distance (ZAG–CPH)
Zagreb to Dubrovnik distance (ZAG–DBV)
Zagreb to Frankfurt distance (ZAG–FRA)
Zagreb to Istanbul distance (ZAG–IST)
Zagreb to London distance (ZAG–LHR)
Zagreb to Munich distance (ZAG–MUC)
Zagreb to Prishtina distance (ZAG–PRN)
Zagreb to Rijeka distance (ZAG–RJK)
Zagreb to Sarajevo distance (ZAG–SJJ)
Zagreb to Skopje distance (ZAG–SKP)
Zagreb to Split distance (ZAG–SPU)
Zagreb to Berlin distance (ZAG–TXL)
Zagreb to Vienna distance (ZAG–VIE)
Zagreb to Zadar distance (ZAG–ZAD)
Zagreb to Zurich distance (ZAG–ZRH)
Zurich to Dubrovnik distance (ZRH–DBV)
Zurich to Split distance (ZRH–SPU)
Zurich to Zagreb distance (ZRH–ZAG)