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Nuuk Airport

Airport: Nuuk Airport
City: Nuuk
Country: Greenland Flag of Greenland
Coordinates: Latitude: 64°11′27″N, Longitude: 51°40′41″W
Runways: Direction: 05/23, Length: 3117 x 98 ft, Elevation: 271 ft
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Nuuk Airport is located approximately 1,4 miles (2,3 km) east of Nuuk and about miles ( km) northwest of .


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Flight routes from Nuuk Airport
Nuuk to Ilulissat distance (GOH to JAV)
Nuuk to Kangerlussuaq distance (GOH to SFJ)
Nuuk to Kulusuk distance (GOH to KUS)
Nuuk to Maniitsoq distance (GOH to JSU)
Nuuk to Narsarsuaq distance (GOH to UAK)
Nuuk to Paamiut distance (GOH to JFR)
Nuuk to Reykjavik distance (GOH to KEF)
Nuuk to Sisimiut distance (GOH to JHS)
Distances in Greenland
Nuuk to Aasiaat distance (GOH–JEG)
Nuuk to Ilulissat distance (GOH–JAV)
Nuuk to Kangerlussuaq distance (GOH–SFJ)
Nuuk to Kulusuk distance (GOH–KUS)
Nuuk to Maniitsoq distance (GOH–JSU)
Nuuk to Narsarsuaq distance (GOH–UAK)
Nuuk to Neerlerit Inaat distance (GOH–CNP)
Nuuk to Paamiut distance (GOH–JFR)
Nuuk to Qaanaaq distance (GOH–NAQ)
Nuuk to Sisimiut distance (GOH–JHS)
Nuuk to Thule distance (GOH–THU)
Nuuk to Upernavik distance (GOH–JUV)
Nuuk to Uummannaq distance (GOH–JQA)