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Khujand Airport

Airport: Khujand Airport
City: Khudzhand
Country: Tajikistan Flag of Tajikistan
Coordinates: Latitude: 40°12′55″N, Longitude: 69°41′40″E
Runways: Direction: 08/26, Length: 10450 x 164 ft, Elevation: 1450 ft
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Khujand Airport is located approximately 1,3 miles (2,1 km) south of Chkalov and about 6,0 miles (9,7 km) southeast of Khŭjand.


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Flight routes from Khujand Airport
Khudzhand to Chelyabinsk distance (LBD to CEK)
Khudzhand to Kazan distance (LBD to KZN)
Khudzhand to Krasnodar distance (LBD to KRR)
Khudzhand to Krasnoyarsk distance (LBD to KJA)
Khudzhand to Moscow distance (LBD to DME)
Khudzhand to Nizhny Novgorod distance (LBD to GOJ)
Khudzhand to Novosibirsk distance (LBD to OVB)
Khudzhand to Rostov-on-Don distance (LBD to ROV)
Khudzhand to Saint Petersburg distance (LBD to LED)
Khudzhand to Samara distance (LBD to KUF)
Khudzhand to Sochi distance (LBD to AER)
Khudzhand to Ufa distance (LBD to UFA)
Khudzhand to Ürümqi distance (LBD to URC)
Khudzhand to Yekaterinburg distance (LBD to SVX)
Distances in Tajikistan
Khudzhand to Dushanbe distance (LBD–DYU)
Khudzhand to Kulob distance (LBD–TJU)
Khudzhand to Qurghonteppa distance (LBD–KQT)