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Muscat International Airport

A Muscat International Airport
City: Muscat
Country: Oman Flag of Oman
Coordinates: Latitude: 23°35′35″N, Longitude: 58°17′3″E
Runways: Direction: 08L/26R, Length: 13123 x 0 ft, Elevation: 0 ft
Direction: 08R/26L, Length: 11759 x 148 ft, Elevation: 48 ft
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Muscat International Airport is located approximately 7,7 miles (12,4 km) west of Bawshar and about 7,8 miles (12,6 km) west of Muscat.



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Distances in Oman
Muscat to Khasab distance (MCT–KHS)
Muscat to Salalah distance (MCT–SLL)