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Pisa International Airport

Airport: Pisa International Airport
City: Pisa
Country: Italy Flag of Italy
Coordinates: Latitude: 43°41′2″N, Longitude: 10°23′33″E
Runways: Direction: 04L/22R, Length: 9160 x 141 ft, Elevation: 2 ft
Direction: 04R/22L, Length: 9820 x 148 ft, Elevation: 3 ft
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Pisa International Airport is located approximately 1,8 miles (2,9 km) south of Pisa and about 8,1 miles (13,1 km) west of Cascina.


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Flight routes from Pisa International Airport
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Pisa to Haugesund distance (PSA to HAU)
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Pisa to Lamezia Terme distance (PSA to SUF)
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Pisa to Liverpool distance (PSA to LPL)
Pisa to London distance (PSA to STN)
Pisa to London distance (PSA to LGW)
Pisa to London distance (PSA to LTN)
Pisa to London distance (PSA to LHR)
Pisa to Lübeck distance (PSA to LBC)
Pisa to Luqa distance (PSA to MLA)
Pisa to Madrid distance (PSA to MAD)
Pisa to Manchester distance (PSA to MAN)
Pisa to Marrakech distance (PSA to RAK)
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Pisa to Munich distance (PSA to MUC)
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Pisa to Rome distance (PSA to FCO)
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Pisa to Stockholm distance (PSA to NYO)
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Distances in Italy
Pisa to Albenga distance (PSA–ALL)
Pisa to Alghero distance (PSA–AHO)
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Pisa to Aosta distance (PSA–AOT)
Pisa to Bari distance (PSA–BRI)
Pisa to Bergamo distance (PSA–BGY)
Pisa to Bologna distance (PSA–BLQ)
Pisa to Bolzano distance (PSA–BZO)
Pisa to Brescia distance (PSA–VBS)
Pisa to Brindisi distance (PSA–BDS)
Pisa to Cagliari distance (PSA–CAG)
Pisa to Catania distance (PSA–CTA)
Pisa to Crotone distance (PSA–CRV)
Pisa to Cuneo distance (PSA–CUF)
Pisa to Florence distance (PSA–FLR)
Pisa to Foggia distance (PSA–FOG)
Pisa to Forlì distance (PSA–FRL)
Pisa to Genova distance (PSA–GOA)
Pisa to Lamezia Terme distance (PSA–SUF)
Pisa to Lampedusa distance (PSA–LMP)
Pisa to Marina Di Campo distance (PSA–EBA)
Pisa to Milan distance (PSA–LIN)
Pisa to Milan distance (PSA–MXP)
Pisa to Napoli distance (PSA–NAP)
Pisa to Olbia distance (PSA–OLB)
Pisa to Palermo distance (PSA–PMO)
Pisa to Pantelleria distance (PSA–PNL)
Pisa to Parma distance (PSA–PMF)
Pisa to Perugia distance (PSA–PEG)
Pisa to Pescara distance (PSA–PSR)
Pisa to Reggio Calabria distance (PSA–REG)
Pisa to Rimini distance (PSA–RMI)
Pisa to Rome distance (PSA–CIA)
Pisa to Rome distance (PSA–FCO)
Pisa to Salerno distance (PSA–QSR)
Pisa to Tortolì distance (PSA–TTB)
Pisa to Trapani distance (PSA–TPS)
Pisa to Treviso distance (PSA–TSF)
Pisa to Trieste distance (PSA–TRS)
Pisa to Turin distance (PSA–TRN)
Pisa to Venice distance (PSA–VCE)
Pisa to Verona distance (PSA–VRN)