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Sanaa International Airport

Airport: Sanaa International Airport
City: Sana'a
Country: Yemen Flag of Yemen
Coordinates: Latitude: 15°28′34″N, Longitude: 44°13′10″E
Runways: Direction: 18/36, Length: 10669 x 148 ft, Elevation: 7165 ft
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Sanaa International Airport is located approximately 8,5 miles (13,6 km) north of Sanaa and about 12,6 miles (20,2 km) northwest of Saḩar.


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Flight routes from Sanaa International Airport
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Sana'a to Addis Ababa distance (SAH to ADD)
Sana'a to Aden distance (SAH to ADE)
Sana'a to Al Ghaydah distance (SAH to AAY)
Sana'a to Al Hudaydah distance (SAH to HOD)
Sana'a to Amman distance (SAH to AMM)
Sana'a to Asmara distance (SAH to ASM)
Sana'a to Beirut distance (SAH to BEY)
Sana'a to Cairo distance (SAH to CAI)
Sana'a to Djibouti distance (SAH to JIB)
Sana'a to Doha distance (SAH to DOH)
Sana'a to Dubai distance (SAH to DXB)
Sana'a to Jeddah distance (SAH to JED)
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Sana'a to Kuwait City distance (SAH to KWI)
Sana'a to Manama distance (SAH to BAH)
Sana'a to Mukalla distance (SAH to RIY)
Sana'a to Nairobi distance (SAH to NBO)
Sana'a to Riyadh distance (SAH to RUH)
Sana'a to Seiyun distance (SAH to GXF)
Sana'a to Ta'izz distance (SAH to TAI)
Distances in Yemen
Sana'a to Aden distance (SAH–ADE)
Sana'a to Al Ghaydah distance (SAH–AAY)
Sana'a to Al Hudaydah distance (SAH–HOD)
Sana'a to Mukalla distance (SAH–RIY)
Sana'a to Seiyun distance (SAH–GXF)
Sana'a to Socotra distance (SAH–SCT)
Sana'a to Ta'izz distance (SAH–TAI)