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Skopje International Airport

Airport: Skopje International Airport
City: Skopje
Country: Macedonia Flag of Macedonia
Coordinates: Latitude: 41°57′41″N, Longitude: 21°37′17″E
Runways: Direction: 16/34, Length: 9678 x 148 ft, Elevation: 781 ft
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Skopje International Airport is located approximately 3,1 miles (5,0 km) southeast of Ilinden and about 5,6 miles (9,1 km) northeast of Студеничани.


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Flight routes from Skopje International Airport
Skopje to Belgrad distance (SKP to BEG)
Skopje to Bergamo distance (SKP to BGY)
Skopje to Berlin distance (SKP to SXF)
Skopje to Brussels distance (SKP to CRL)
Skopje to Cologne distance (SKP to CGN)
Skopje to Dortmund distance (SKP to DTM)
Skopje to Dubai distance (SKP to DXB)
Skopje to Eindhoven distance (SKP to EIN)
Skopje to Gothenburg distance (SKP to GSE)
Skopje to Hahn distance (SKP to HHN)
Skopje to Istanbul distance (SKP to IST)
Skopje to Istanbul distance (SKP to SAW)
Skopje to Ljubljana distance (SKP to LJU)
Skopje to London distance (SKP to LTN)
Skopje to Malmö distance (SKP to MMX)
Skopje to Memmingen distance (SKP to FMM)
Skopje to Rome distance (SKP to FCO)
Skopje to Stockholm distance (SKP to NYO)
Skopje to Treviso distance (SKP to TSF)
Skopje to Vienna distance (SKP to VIE)
Skopje to Zagreb distance (SKP to ZAG)
Skopje to Zurich distance (SKP to ZRH)
Distances in Macedonia
Skopje to Ohrid distance (SKP–OHD)